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How to present the love life of Hong Kong people to Aliens?

N2, Cattle depot, Hong Kong, 8-11 FEB 2018

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong, 16 MAY 2018

Quanta Hall, Taipei, 28 NOV 2019

How to present the love life of Hong Kong people to Aliens in the time of pandemic (Online live-streaming performance)

12 APR & 1 MAY 2020

Playwright & Director: Pat To YAN

''Those people, that crowd of people, moving to different directions, are like cells. They, like us, if only living in a giant body, then the pain I am used to is only temporary, not worth mentioning. I feel this after having been to a bookstore in Tsim Sha Tsui. At that moment, I just stared at the crowd who was looking at the Christmas decorations." One day, she suddenly said to me. Before that, she stared at me for ten seconds. I am just wondering what kind of spirit is living in this girl's body?


After his completion of three epic works: 'A concise history of future China', Yan Pat-to returns to explore the most intimate and yet painful part of himself. One's memory is inseparable to the city. We can't tell our story without city.

photo by KC Kwan

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