Pat To YAN

Artistic Director

Active in Hong Kong and German Theatre. Playwright, Director, Educator. The Artistic Director of Reframe Theatre, the House Author of Germany Nationatheater Mannheim (2021-2022). Elected Council Member and the Chairman of the committee of Literary Art of Hong Kong Arts Development Council. Graduated from the University of Hong Kong, majoring in English Literature; the Chinese University of Hong Kong, MA in Sociology; Royal Holloway, University of London, MA in Playwriting. His play A Concise History of future China (Part 1 of Posthuman Journey) is selected by 2016 Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt as one of the five theatre works presented. It is the first ethnic Chinese play ever selected and premiered in Hong Kong New Vision Arts Festival 2016. The German Premiere was produced by The Staatsschauspiel Saarbrücken in 2021. The staged reading (full or abridged version) of this play was already performed in Berlin, London, Munich, New York, Taipei & Mannheim. Posthuman Condition (Part 2 of Posthuman Journey) was produced by Schauspiel Frankfurt in2021. His play in Cantonese White Blaze of the morning is awarded Best Play, the 8th Hong Kong Theatre Libre. Happily ever after nuclear explosion is commissioned by Munich Residenztheater and premiered in June 2018 when he was invited as Artist-in-residence. This play is under the programme of World/Stage. He directed a Cantonese version which was invited by Tai Kwun Theatre Season (HK), Asia Playwright Festival (South Korea) in 2019 and CINARS Biennale Official Programme (Canada) in 2021.

Photo by Ted Kim


Felix CHAN


The theatre curator, illustrator and art critic, MA in Creative & Cultural Entrepreneurship (Theatre & Performance Pathway) at Goldsmiths University of London, the Award for Young Artist (Critic), Hong Kong Art Development Awards 2015 by Hong Kong Development Council, the founder of FELIXISM CREATION, a company produces creatively and culturally hybrid work of theatre, critical writing and illustration. As the curator and producer in Reframe Theatre, he created the productions in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, Canada and so on. He was one of the curators in Hong Kong who has created the immersive theatre and productions, the art-tech and XR presentations in theatre. Over fourteen immersive and technological theatre events have been produced after the coming of Covid-19 in 2020-21. He now is focusing on curating the new experiences in the events by the combination between technology and art. 


He is one of the juries of The Hong Kong Theatre Libre Award. He also was invited to be critic in residence in festivals in the world, such as Ozasia Festival (2016), Taiwan International Festival of Arts (2011-present), Macau Arts Festival, (2009-present),  Beijing Dance Festival (2016) and so on. He was one of the six critics in the world who are the critic in residence and discussed the topic of future in arts and theatre in Holland Festival 2020.

Felix is also an illustrator and graphic creator in Hong Kong, and has won the competitions organized by RTHK, Airline Company, Hong Kong Ballet, and the Hong Kong Biennial Awards for Chinese Literature. More recently, he has worked with local singers, pop groups, banks, companies, NGOs and other individual artists, such as Tai Chi, Lam Chi Cheung, Teresa Fu, Youth Associations in Hong Kong, HSBC, Disneyland Hong Kong, Siemens, Red Bull and so on.



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