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Works (selected) by Pat To YAN



The Sparkling and Swaying Snow

The Mills

24.03.2023 - 27.05.2023

In Cantonese

Playwright & Director: Yan Pat To

Producer: Felix Chan

Art Director: Lau Hok Shing

Sound Designer: Sze Ka Yan

Book Desinger: Lao Un Teng Belle

Videographer: Match Chan

Performer ( Video Part ) : Zhao Yi Yi | Leung Tin Chak | Ceci Chan | Leung Ho Kai

Production Manager: Agnes Lee

Production Coordinator: Hin Hon

I am merely a city survivor. I have no choice but to live in a rural area. ​

Sheung Sheung was suddenly overwhelmed with fear of the city that year. She locked herself inside her home for two weeks. She moved to an organic farm after being introduced, but the wound remained open. At the same time, Mike, who was in love with her, abruptly left for Berlin. She maintained a lukewarm relationship with him. On the unknown fields and countryside, she looked for cold air to soothe the inner disaster. After Stream of consciousness, Reframe Theatre once more creates a fresh way for audiences to experience theatre, allowing them to enjoy and reflect while simultaneously feeling alone yet free. ​


The entire programme is designed to be in different locations in The Mills. The participants will navigate the journey on their own. There are no live performers or restrictions. Participants will receive a booklet at the starting point and be guided through Sheung’s world as passers-by through music, video and text. ​ The journey is guided with words, video and music which will instruct them on how to observe Sheung Sheung's world as a bystander would.


The programme is scheduled to last about an hour.


I will die in my Home

Tai Kwun Performing Arts Season: SPOTLIGHT



In Cantonese

Creative Team

Playwright:  Chan Kwan-yee
Director: Yan Pat-to
Performer: Emily Cheng, Lai Yuk-ching, Ceci Chan
Movement director and performer: Wayson Poon
Set designer: Yuen Hon-wai
Light designer: Vanessa Lee
Music and sound designer: Sze Ka-yan
Video designer: Wilfred Wong
Costume designer: Cheung Ho-yin
Producer: Felix Chan

I will die in my Home The 100-year chronicle of the lost and forgotten...continues Is there anyone who, in his youth, already reminisce about the days not yet lived? Among the antiquated buildings in Wan Chai, one home built in the last century escaped the inevitable destiny of being demolished while a hotel becomes the subject of ghost-lore. The home bought by the grandmother used to be glitzy with visitors coming and going. The daughter-in-law promised to continue the home’s vitality. But the grandmother prophesised “my” eventual passing in this home. People, just like homes, will be forgotten eventually just like the unrecorded last words of the abandoned souls. These lonely presences, one after another, continue to be overlooked by history. ​ Local playwright Chan Kwan Yee and director Yan Pat To joined hands for the first time to chronicle the century-old ghosts that lingered in Wan Chai. A home for the living becomes a tomb for the deceased. A narrative stage traversing time and space will be set at Tai Kwun, setting forth a story about a Hong Kong woman who stayed and a tale of bygone years.



New Vision Arts Festival 2022

28-29.10.2022 8pm 29-30.10.2022 3pm

Theatre, City Hall, Hong Kong

In Cantonese

Playwright and Director: Yan Pat to

Performers: Peter Chan, Ceci Chan, Leung Ho Pong, Zhao Yi Yi, Lai Yuk Ching, Rico Wu, Leung Tin Chak, Eva Mak Ching Man*, Au Kai Faat, Sze Wei

Scenographer: Yuen Hon Wai

Lighting Designer: SiuBao Fong, Kinphen Leung

Music and Sound Designer: Essky Yik

Video Designer: Royce Ng

Costume Designer: Andrew Cheung

* With the kind permission of Hong Kong Repertory Theatre

Technological advancements ruin humanity Karmas, thus, always come before Judgment Day

The second instalment of the tripartite A Concise History of Future, Posthuman Condition investigates our new era of technological warfare, when AI dominates everything. What will happen to human beings and their survival? This work was invited to the “Teaser Pitching Stückemarkt” at Germany’s Theater Dortmund and the German-language# Posthuman Condition received its world premiere at the Schauspiel Frankfurt in 2021. Frank is an ordinary man living in a developed country. By pure coincidence, he became a remote pilot, sitting in the comfort of his home and using his gaming skills to launch airstrikes in other countries. When his son Another is born, the baby doesn’t have a buttock! His wife Jane recounts a legend from the East about redemption… Frank resolves to visit the places he has destroyed and the people he’s wounded. A cyber-buttock has been appended to Another to save his life, yet there are side effects: the baby grows ten times faster than any normal boy, he is also bestowed with paranormal powers. Is Another a harbinger for future generations or an exemplar of the epic failure of technology? House Author at the Nationaltheater Mannheim, Yan Pat-to returns to his hometown with this production.



7-9 JAN 2022, 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm

The Public areas nearby HKU in Central District

In Cantonese

Playwright and Director: Yan Pat ToCo-director and Performance workshop tutor: Cecilia ChanProject Curator and producer: Felix ChanPerformers: HKU studentsSet and Costume Design: Hanison LauLighting Designer: Vanessa LeeSound Design: Kan Hei ChunAR and app development: Arnold Chan @Gamestry Lab ​

A Myriad of farewells, which are in the three occasions of the pandemic in two defined time frames in space. 


Carson encountered a dilemma in relationship and incapacity with the diagnosis of his sister’s cancer when the lethal virus hit the city in 2003; Ah Shue was forcibly dissociated from her partner in 2021, encroached into the matter of the unfamiliar. Pandemic endured its never-ending mark in human history, would that ever be the ordinary form of life?  The journey begins in 2022 January with the stories of departure and aggregation. Time wheels, Solitude reigns.


1. Audio-guided tour

7-9 JAN 2022, 12pm, 2:30pm, 5pm

In Cantonese


2. Installation about 'Something Else' 

7-9 JAN 2022, 12 - 7pm

Place: Common Core Lounge (RM 150, 1/F Main Building, HKU)

Free visit even you have not joined the audio-guided tour

* Please pay attention when the room would be so dark by lighting effect

"A Minute Something Else Enters" is supported by Hong Kong Arts Development Council “Arts in the City” Scheme, with kind support from MEHU, HKU Libraries, and Common Core

Hong Kong Arts Development Council fully supports freedom of artistic expression. The views and opinions expressed in this project do not represent the stand of the Council.

Beneficiary Organization: Hong Kong Museum of Medical Sciences


A Poem in Jail

7 - 16 MAY, 2021

TAI KWUN, Hong Kong

In Cantonese

Playwright and Director: Yan Pat To

Performers: Cecilia Chan, Ng Fung Ming,

Sze Wei, Venus Cheung, Leung Tin Chak, Leung Ho Pong

Project Curator: Felix Chan

Dramaturg: Jass Leung

Media Installation: Kingsley Ng

Lyric Artist: Chow Yiu Fai

I’m not waiting for you.


In prison, time is at once transitory and eternal….resurfacing as memories for the future. In the 1980s, two women were imprisoned in Victoria Prison, where they experienced an unexpected romance in confinement. Their growing affections for each other were interrupted as one was released while the other wrote a love poem of longing on her bed board. When released from prison, she discovered that her lover had already married. She suppressed her mishmash of feelings and started a family as well. Approaching 1997, she did not want to live in a bigger prison. The decision to immigrate prompted a final rendezvous and conversation in which deep feelings were cast aside but never forgotten. Inspired by a bed board with a love poem found in a women’s prison, this groundbreaking immersive production features artists across disciplines, including Pat To Yan (theatre), Kingsley Ng (media installation), Adrian Yeung (video artist), Jass Leung (dramaturg) and Chow Yiu Fai (lyric artist). The immersive theatre will be remade in Tai Kwun, as lyrics, sounds, images and theatrical performances are interwoven, leading the audience to tread a path that explores Central then and now.


*Concept of the show title by〈黑房〉, Chow Yiu Fai

底圖_with Graphic-01s.jpg

Happily Ever After Nuclear Explosion
(Hong Kong & Korea)

12-14 JULY 2019,


In Cantonese, with English Surtitle

3-4 NOV 2019,

International Playwrights Festival, Korea

In Cantonese, with English Surtitle

Playwright & Director: Pat To YAN

Curator: Felix Chan

Dramaturg: Dick Wong

Video Director: Chiu Chih Hua

Performer: Kenneth Sze, Zhao Yi Yi  

Two people from the nuclear explosion affected area. She speaks, he can’t.  He once witnessed a person being choked to death by the broken pieces of his organs; then he often has the feeling to be choked. They come here to introduce another face of post nuclear explosion. In there, the nature grows freely, flowers blossom. Green is the warmest colour. Animals lead their lives happily. But they can’t use conditioners and lotions in order not to be contaminated by radioactivity elements. Apart from these, nothing is not fine for living there.



10-12 May 2019,

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

In Cantonese & Mandarine, no subtitle 

Playwright & Director: Pat To YAN

Curator: Felix Chan

Performer: Leung Tin Chak, Ceci Chan, Gigi Cheung

Movement coordinator: Kenneth Sze   

In an age of liquidity, how can a person manage his love/life?


Sze Yin, a middle aged Hong Konger, specialises in creative technology. Once he met Lin lin in Berlin. Lin lin, aged 20 something, was born in Xi’an. They quickly fell in love with each other, but Sze Yin could only keep a long distance relationship with her as he had to be back to Hong Kong……


After three months, Yat Sum, at the same age with Sze Yin, suddenly kept seeing him. They studied in the same secondary school; and when Sze Yin was 25, Yat Sum saved his life, to a certain extent. But Yat Sum was married, had a son aged 5 …….


It’s a love story and not yet only a love story, as always. It’s still a story about city, life and time.

photo by  YC Kwan


Happily ever after nuclear explosion

24 JUNE 2018, Residenztheater München, Munich, Germany

Playwright: Pat To YAN

Director: Mira Stadler

Two people from the nuclear explosion affected area. She speaks, he can’t.  He once witnessed a person being choked to death by the broken pieces of his organs; then he often has the feeling to be choked. They come here to introduce another face of post nuclear explosion. In there, the nature grows freely, flowers blossom. Green is the warmest colour. Animals lead their lives happily. But they can’t use conditioners and lotions in order not to be contaminated by radioactivity elements. Apart from these, nothing is not fine for living there.

photo by Konrad Fersterer


stream of consciousness

Fringe Club, Hong Kong

27-30 APRIL 2018

Playwright, Concept & Director: Pat To YAN

Concept & Director: Rico WU

Pat To Yan's Immersive Theatre series in Hong Kong. ​ ​

photo by YC Kwan


How to present the love life of Hong Kong people to Aliens?

N2, Cattle depot, Hong Kong, 8-11 FEB 2018

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong, 16 MAY 2018

Quanta Hall, Taipei, 28 NOV 2019

Online Livestreaming performnce 12 APR & 1 MAY 2020

Playwright & Director: Pat To YAN ​

Performer: Leung Tin Chak

Curator: Felix Chan

''Those people, that crowd of people, moving to different directions, like cells. They, like us, if only living in a giant body, then the pain I am used to is only temporary, not worth mentioning. I feel this after having been to a bookstore in Tsim Sha Tsui. At that moment, I just stared at the crowd who was looking at the Christmas decorations." One day, she suddenly said to me. Before that, she stared at me for ten seconds. I am just wondering what kind of spirit is living in this girl's body?


After his completion of three epic works: 'A concise history of future', Yan Pat-to returns to explore the most intimate and yet painful part of himself. One's memory is inseparable to the city. We can't tell our story without city.


a Concise History of futurE

City Hall, Hong Kong, Nov 2016 New Vision Festival 2016 NOV 2016 Hong Kong

Playwright & Director: Pat To YAN

Curator : Felix Chan

The first ethnic Chinese play selected by

Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt 2016

'Resist any linear narrative dramaturgy, using highly concentrated poetical interweaving to elaborate the cruel phantasms of a contemporary society of asynchronies.'

 -- Kathrin Roggla (Jury member of Berliner Festspiele Theatertreffen Stuckemarkt)

photo by Philip Kuen

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