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Fringe Club Hong Kong, 27-30 APRIL 2018

Playwright, Concept, Director: Pat To YAN
Concept, Director: Rico WU

Pat To Yan's first Immersive Theatre series in Hong Kong.

It’s an immersive theatre inside a Hong Kong heritage which is also a mini cultural cluster. Audience gather at the gallery of Fringe Club first. Two characters: Conscious 1 & Conscious 2 speak about our conscious state. And then audience are free to wander and discover inside the building. Discoveries include: Three monologues delivered by three performers: Ben (at Dairy Jazz bar); Christina (at Upstairs Theatre, but in darkness) & Space (at Rooftop with the ocean of white balloons). A narrow corridor of boxes; in each box, Ben and Christina has something to say, both consciously and unconsciously. Twelve golden plates emitting sounds of Ben and Christina’s stories. A meditative space of light, water and shadow. Audience may then find the story behind: Ben and Christina met at Fringe Club in 1984. But Christina wanted to continue her career as a performer in London so they broke up. The whole space was full of their lifetime episodes during 1984-2018. Finally, audience gathered at the Vault café to watch a video which recorded the sweetest moment of Ben and Christina.


photo by KC Kwan

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