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10-12 MAY 2019,

Auditorium, Kwai Tsing Theatre, Hong Kong

In Cantonese & Mandarine, no subtitle 

Playwright & Director: Pat To YAN
Curator: Felix Chan
Performer: Leung Tin Chak, Ceci Chan, Gigi Cheung
Movement coordinator: Kenneth Sze   

In an age of liquidity, how can a person manage his love/life?


Sze Yin, a middle aged Hong Konger, specialises in creative technology. Once he met Lin lin in Berlin. Lin lin, aged 20 something, was born in Xi’an. They quickly fell in love with each other, but Sze Yin could only keep a long distance relationship with her as he had to be back to Hong Kong……


After three months, Yat Sum, at the same age with Sze Yin, suddenly kept seeing him. They studied in the same secondary school; and when Sze Yin was 25, Yat Sum saved his life, to a certain extent. But Yat Sum was married, had a son aged 5 …….


It’s a love story and not yet only a love story, as always. It’s still a story about city, life and time.


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