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Post Office in Hell Part 1

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A cathartic theatrical adaptation of a popular web novel that explores life and death


Adapted for the stage from Hong Kong web fiction author westwingmoon’s suspense and heartwarming novel Hell Post Office, Post Office in Hell is an immersive theatre production that invites the audience to take part in an existential meditation on life, death, and the forever goodbye.


This performance marks the first phase of the research and development of the project. A full-scale presentation is scheduled to take place at Freespace in September 2024. This programme is co-presented and co-produced by WestK and Reframe Theatre. It is part of the WestK Creators series.

1–3 March 2024 5pm, 8pm

The Room, Freespace,
West Kowloon Cultural District




The first ethnic Chinese play has been selected by 
Berliner Festspoele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt (2016)
The script is published now!
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Institute of Posthuman Art & Cutlure

In this brand-new project by Reframe Theatre, ‘Postwriters’ Gathering’ is a platform fusing online theatre and literature. Greenizmstory, Gaakyoung, West_wingm, Iphoneman, and Chingceciii would gather here instead of writing from home. They chat about literature, theatre, art and life. It is an art salon of 21st century. Starting from 9pm, June 14, 2023, ‘Postwriters’ Gathering’ will be shown once every two weeks.

At the same time, Reframe Theatre is adapting three novels: "A Haunted VR Conference," a horror VR theatre experience by Greenizmstory exploring the dark side of humans’ nature; "The Goddess," an immersive theatrical adaptation of iphoneman's best-selling novel experiencing love and solitude in different spaces; "Post Office of the Hell", a poignant adaptation of the famous work by West_wingm delving into the laughter and tears of life and death.

Please follow and stay tuned with our news. 


Every creation of theatre work is a new and unique experience.


This project is financially supported by the Arts Capacity Development Funding Scheme of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

Pat To YAN (Artistic Director)
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