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The Sparkling and Swaying Snow
(til MAY 2023)


I am merely a city survivor. I have no choice but to live in a rural area.

Sheung Sheung was suddenly overwhelmed with fear of the city that year. She locked herself inside her home for two weeks. She moved to an organic farm after being introduced, but the wound remained open. At the same time, Mike, who was in love with her, abruptly left for Berlin. She maintained a lukewarm relationship with him. On the unknown fields and countryside, she looked for cold air to soothe the inner disaster. 

After Stream of consciousness, Reframe Theatre once more creates a fresh way for audiences to experience theatre, allowing them to enjoy and reflect while simultaneously feeling alone yet free.

The entire programme is designed to be in different locations in The Mills. The participants will navigate the journey on their own. There are no live performers or restrictions. Participants will receive a booklet at the starting point and be guided through Sheung’s world as passers-by through music, video and text.

The journey is guided with words, video and music which will instruct them on how to observe Sheung Sheung's world as a bystander would.


The programme is scheduled to last about an hour.

Playwright & Director: Yan Pat To

Producer: Felix Chan

Art Director: Lau Hok Shing

Sound Designer: Sze Ka Yan

Book Desinger: Lao Un Teng Belle

Videographer: Match Chan

Performer ( Video Part ) : Zhao Yi Yi | Leung Tin Chak | Ceci Chan | Leung Ho Kai

Production Manager: Agnes Lee

Production Coordinator: Hin Hon

24.03.2023 - 23.04.2023

The Mills, $ 280

In Cantonese




The first ethnic Chinese play has been selected by 
Berliner Festspoele Theatertreffen Stückemarkt (2016)
The script is published now!
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A new channel of the writers

Pat To YAN (Artistic Director)
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